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Why America’s market is falling and not India’s

The movement of the Indian stock market and the American stock market has remained the same for the past several years. Because the Indian market and the world market are linked to the US market. America is an economically developed nation. America is economically the strongest country in the world. There is a decline in America’s economy, its effect is found in almost all the countries of the world.

America is, in a way, an economic superpower. Seeing the movement of the US market, the Indian market and the world market follow their own moves. But at present the situation is not the same as before. At present, America is dealing with many types of economic and diplomatic problems.


After the corona virus, there was a strong boom in the markets around the world. At such a time, the Reserve Bank of America, at the time of coron virus, to keep the momentum of money in the US market. Print money very fast so that there is no shortage of money transactions in the US market. Because of which the effects of coron virus are over. There was such a rapid demand in the US market due to which it became difficult to meet the supply. The reason for this was that inflation started increasing very rapidly in America.

This inflation rate in America is the highest rate in its 40-year history. Due to which its effect is being seen in the US market. But America was not just a country that printed money, similar work was done in many countries of Europe. And today the condition of all European nations is no different from America. Inflation has also reached new highs in Europe.

How is the US and the Reserve Bank of America engaged in working inflation?

The US government and the US Federal Reserve Bank are constantly working to reduce inflation. But it is not easy to do. Once the demand has increased, it is difficult to end the demand suddenly. But the US Federal Reserve Bank is constantly trying to reduce demand by increasing interest rates. But US economic activity is expected to slow down due to rising interest rates. And the chief of the Federal Reserve Bank has talked like this many times. Which shows that economic activity in America may slow down in the coming days. The impact of which can be seen in the economy of the world.

Due to the economic downturn in America, the stock market there is falling. And inflation in America was not brought under control as quickly. So in the coming time this type of economic problem can be seen in countries all over the world. India cannot remain untouched by this. Due to which the stock market continues to fall.

Why Indian market outperform by amrican market

The way India handled its economy in the time of Corona. He is being praised all over the world. That is why India is being seen as the economic superpower of the world in the coming times. Indian economy is on the way to progress. And the rapid development in India is its strongest basis. Because of which external investors want to invest their money in India seeing the economic growth of India.

India’s economic growth is growing at the strongest and fastest pace as before even after the corona virus. Because of which foreign institutional investors are investing keeping in mind the economic development of India. Because of which it is happening that the Indian market is moving ahead leaving behind the market of America and other countries. But even for the Indian market, inflation and continued economic slowdown can slow down the pace of India’s economic growth. So for this, India will have to work keeping in mind the inflation and demand. So that by minimizing its impact, India may move towards economic development Country.

This is the strongest phase of India’s development. Due to this the Indian stock market has caught up fast. And the time to come belongs to India. Keeping these things in mind, invest in the Indian market. And help in the development of Indian economy. These are some of the reasons due to which the Indian market is performing better than the US market and other countries of the world.

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